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Celebrating Agencies

At the Agency Ascend Awards 2024, we illuminate the path for India’s marketing agencies to be lauded for their exceptional work. It’s a celebration of agencies that have mastered the art of blending creativity with strategy, thereby crafting impactful narratives that resonate with audiences and deliver measurable success to clients. This recognition is not just about being the best; it’s about setting new standards in SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and beyond. Winners will not only gain extensive media coverage but will also seal their reputation as industry leaders and magnets for top-tier talent.

Digital Marketing

Behind every great agency is a team of relentless, innovative individuals, and the Agency Ascend Awards 2024 pays tribute to these trailblazers. Spanning across a diverse range of 30 categories, the awards recognize individual excellence from the strategic thinkers to the creative geniuses. This is your stage to step into the spotlight and be acknowledged as an expert in your field—be it through precise SEO, compelling content, or dynamic social media presence. It’s not only about the accolades; it’s about inspiring the individual contribution to the agency’s collective triumph.

Overall Recognition 

The Ascend Awards program is an all-encompassing platform celebrating outstanding achievements across the marketing and communication sphere in India. We cast a wide net, honoring the collective efforts of agencies and the specialized talents within, from graphic design to strategic communication. Recognizing the best of the best, these awards provide a stage for professionals and agencies to showcase their ingenuity and expertise on a national level. Join us in this exciting and prestigious recognition of the brightest stars in India’s marketing galaxy.


The Agency Ascend Awards 2024 celebrates a wide range of marketing talents. Enter in categories from Practice Area to Industry Awards, or vie for Special Awards that honor standout achievements and personalities. With over 30 sub-categories


Elevate your agency by participating in the Agency Ascend Awards 2024. Our entry guidelines outline everything from eligibility to submission details, ensuring your entry is poised for success. Embrace the chance to be recognized on a grand stage.


Excellence is our benchmark at the Agency Ascend Awards 2024. Our judges are looking for creativity, strategic insight, impactful results, and quality execution. Stand out to the industry’s best and solidify your leadership in the marketing world.

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Regular Deadline

Secure your chance to be recognized for excellence in the dynamic world of Indian marketing and communication. Submit your entries by the regular deadline to avoid additional fees and to guarantee your agency’s work is judged amongst the best. Standard entry fee applies.

May 29, 2024

Late Fee Deadline

It’s not too late to throw your hat in the ring! The late fee deadline provides a final opportunity to participate in the Agency Ascend Awards 2024. A late fee will be added to the standard entry rate. Submit now to ensure your agency’s creativity and strategic expertise are celebrated.

June 12, 2024

Jury Meet

Our distinguished panel of judges convenes to deliberate on this year’s most innovative and impactful submissions. Drawing from a wealth of industry experience, our jury will identify the agencies and individuals setting new benchmarks in marketing excellence. Winners will be announced at our gala.. Winners will be announced at our gala.

June 26-27, 2024
Why us

Why Participate in the Agency Ascend Awards 2024?

Enhanced Brand Visibility
Industry Benchmarking
Press and Publicity
National Recognition

Step into the spotlight and showcase your agency’s excellence on a grand stage. Winning at the Agency Ascend Awards elevates your brand, setting you apart as a leader in India’s bustling marketing industry.

Expert Validation

Have your work evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges. Receiving their endorsement can serve as a powerful testament to your agency’s capabilities and achievements.

Industry Networking

Connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and potential clients. The awards ceremony is a hotbed for networking and establishing relationships that can propel your business forward.

Talent Attraction

Winning an Ascend Award is a mark of excellence that can help attract and retain top talent, showcasing your agency as a beacon for those seeking to work with the best in the business.

Jury Members

Amita Joshi

CEO of CreativeX
Winning the Agency of the Year at the Agency Ascend Awards was transformative for our brand. The recognition not only bolstered our reputation but also opened doors to new, exciting clients who were looking for proven excellence. The awards night was a perfect blend of glamour and networking – truly a night to remember!

Rohan Mehta

Director of Strategy, Pixel Perfect Media
The Agency Ascend Awards have been a catalyst for our agency’s growth. Since receiving the award for Best Digital Campaign, we’ve seen a surge in interest from top-tier clients, and our work has been under a spotlight that only Ascend can provide. It’s been an incredible journey of validation and opportunity.

Sunita Kapoor

Head of Communications, BrandVista
Our team felt a tremendous sense of pride being recognized for the Best Communication Strategy. This award from Agency Ascend isn’t just a trophy on our shelf; it’s a reminder of what we’re capable of achieving together. It has elevated our team’s spirit and has been a hallmark in our journey towards excellence.”


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